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Together with Africa: Updates 

U.S. releases Sudan strategy, Oct. 21

Read Fr. Rocco Puopolo's blog from Rome, Oct. 13

Zimbabwe: Promoting healing and reconciliation, Oct. 5

Kenya: Temporary ceasefire or lasting peace? Sept. 28

Hopes for the Second Africa Synod, Sept. 21

Peace building in the Horn of Africa, Sept. 14

Sudan Council of Churches statement on CPA, Sept. 10

Land grabs, Aug. 31

Update on U.S. AIDS policy, Aug. 25

Zimbabwe: Small steps forward? Aug. 12

Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009

Nigeria: Water shortages, July 27

Going into debt for health, July 20

Restorative justice, July 14

New U.S. engagement with Africa, July 6

Ecological debt, June 29

Letter from Acholi (Uganda) religious leaders, June 22

June 16, Day of the African Child, June 15

South Africa: Robben Island Guidelines fight torture in Africa, June 8

DRC: Attacks against civilians and aid workers increase in the east, June 2

AIDS in Africa, May 25

Tanzania: Toxic spill reported from Barrick Goldmine, May 18

Burundi: Demobilization of thousands of former rebels begins, May 11

Kenyan women turn the heat on politicians, May 5

Zimbabwe’s prisons are death-traps, April 28

The global financial crisis: Lessons and responses from Africa, April 21

The ethical and moral concerns around GMOs, April 13

Breaking the curse and turning mineral wealth into development, April 6

Climate change: Bring Africa in from the cold, March 31

Banning cluster bombs in Africa, March 23

Kenya: Human rights workers killed, March 17

Sudan: The International Criminal Court rules, March 9, 2009

Zimbabwe's Unity government, Feb. 25, 2009

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