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NewsNotes articles on social justice

July-August 2011

Immigration: Balanced policy badly needed
Human trafficking: Encouraging progress
AIDS: Hopes to eliminate disease by 2020

May-June 2011

DRC: Women's bodies as battlefields
HIV and AIDS: Sustaining our commitment

March-April 2011

UN: Women's organization launched
QDDR, the Global Health Initiative and AIDS

January-February 2011

Kenya: Anti-trafficking law passed
Sudan: Listening to women’s voices
Migration: Faith groups sign resolution

November-December 2010

Women: Essential agents of sustainable peace
DR Congo: Violence against women in war
U.S.-Mexico border: Migrants face grave dangers
HIV/AIDS: New medicines patent pool

September-October 2010

Africa: New migrant rights’ group created
Corporate accountability: Human trafficking

July-August 2010

Migration: Bishops issue joint statement
UN: Gender equality entity created

May-June 2010

Opening reflection: Crossing borders
Mexico-U.S. border: Shattered dreams, restoring hope
Global Health Initiative: Promises, questions
UN: CSW’s GEAR Campaign report

March-April 2010

Myanmar: Refugees still on the run
PEPFAR and Global Health Initiative

January-February 2010

Migration and climate justice

November-December 2009

Torture: Provide Red Cross access to prisoners

September-October 2009

July-August 2009

May-June 2009

HIV/AIDS: Update on access to medicines

Torture: Declassified memos and next steps

March-April 2009

HIV/AIDS: Hidden costs of care giving

January-February 2009

Torture: Time for accountability

September - October 2008

HIV/AIDS: Growing closer to keeping the promise

HIV/AIDS: Challenges to faithful responses

July - August 2008

UN: High Level Review on HIV/AIDS


Indigenous peoples


Immigration: Reform, not raids

Migration: Legislationto be considered this spring

World Urban Forum: Swelling cities

Maryknoll leadership statement on U.S. immigration

Australia: Asylum seekers reflect Papua turmoil

U.S.:Anti-migrant legislation moves ahead

Food sovereignty: Fighting for sustainability


Shareholders work to end child sex tourism

Guidelines recommended for video game sales


Women's connection to critical issues

Integrity of creation: Maryknoll Sisters' land ethic

People with HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS: Growing closer to keeping the promise

HIV/AIDS: Challenges to faithful responses

UN: High level review on HIV/AIDS

World AIDS Day and Advent


AIDS: Church leaders call on Novartis to drop case

Drug companies fail HIV/AIDS "best practices"

HIV/AIDS: International AIDS Conference 2006

Christian groups respond to HIV/AIDS review

Corporate accountability: Anti-AIDS drug accessibility

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