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NewsNotes articles on peace

July-August 2011

Sudan: Complex violence precedes independence
El Salvador: Responding to gangs
Torture: Urge Senate to oppose indefinite detention
Human trafficking: Encouraging progress
Arms trade: Treaty moves forward

May-June 2011

Honduras: Challenge human rights abuses
U.S.-Colombia FTA: Plan minimizes human, labor rights
Sudan: Problems still exist
DRC: Women's bodies as battlefields
Torture: Bin Laden and Guantanamo
UNESCO: How to strengthen peace today
Nuclear power: Splitting the atom

March-April 2011

Egypt: Revolt in the land of the Pharaohs
Uganda: Faith leaders renew call for negotiations
Sudan: Post-referendum steps
Nuclear policy in 2011
Torture: Case builds against Bush

January-February 2011

Kenya: Anti-trafficking law passed
Sudan: Listening to women’s voices
Asia: Human rights protection enacted
Middle East: Time to condemn Israeli settlements
Next steps toward nuclear disarmament
Torture: Step in right direction but long way to go

November-December 2010

Women: Essential agents of sustainable peace
Sudan: Peace progresses
Uganda: Religious leaders advise U.S. foreign policy
DR Congo: Violence against women in war
Honduras: Members of Congress urge action
U.S.-Mexico border: Migrants face grave dangers

September-October 2010

Kenya: Citizens approve new constitution
Africa: Revisiting U.S. military expansion
Uganda: Pursuing peaceful means
Cambodia: Efforts to ban cluster bombs
Bolivia: Difficulty renewing diplomatic ties
Corporate accountability: Human trafficking

July-August 2010

Africa: Priorities of the Obama administration
Sudan: At the crossroads
Honduras: One year anniversary of coup
Guatemala: Is impunity beginning to end?
Toward an Arms Trade Treaty
International Criminal Court Review Conference

May-June 2010

Kenya: 50,000 threatened with eviction
DRC: Conflict Minerals Trade Act of 2009
Honduras: Efforts continue for new constitution
Mexico-U.S. border: Shattered dreams, restoring hope
Burma: Will nonviolence work?
Nuclear weapons: Recent actions meet expectations

March-April 2010

Sudan: Post-referendum challenges
Zimbabwe: One year on, reform a failure
Africa: Illicit small arms market thrives
El Salvador: Mining conflict deepens
Honduras: “Truth commission” challenged
Myanmar: Refugees still on the run
India: Christians march for peace
Philippines: Death squads and democracy
Update on nuclear weapons policy
Corporate accountability: Conflict minerals in DRC

January-February 2010

Sudan: A critical time
Tanzania: Maasai face land loss, extinction
Africa: AFRICOM and U.S. policy
Zimbabwe: Termites in the ship of state
Chile: Indigenous continue to suffer
Palestine: Kairos document published

November-December 2009

El Salvador: Key verdicts for human rights upheld
Honduras: An uneasy accord
Mexico: Drug wars fuel violence
Sudan: A critical period
Middle East: Two states, no state
Philippines: Extrajudicial killings rise
Torture: Provide Red Cross access to prisoners

September-October 2009

Africa: Nuclear weapons free zone enters into force
Kenya: Search for justice after post-election violence
Honduras: U.S. must condemn coup
Colombia: Agreement with U.S. worries neighbors

July-August 2009

Afghanistan: No peace without mutual understanding
U.S.: Complexities of Iraqi refugee processing
Iraq: Refugees fall victim to weak world economy
Peru: Police attack indigenous protest
Honduras: Coup turns violent, sanctions imposed
Torture: Indispensable truths

May-June 2009

Mexico: Drug related violence spirals near border
Madagascar: Another military coup
Sudan: Israel airstrikes reported
Nuclear weapons: Shift in U.S. policy
Torture: Declassified memos and next steps
ICC: Would trial of Sudan’s Bashir bring justice?

March-April 2009

NGOs urge review of landmine, cluster bomb ban
Afghanistan: Urgent policy change needed
Sustainable peace through reconciliation

September-October 2008

ICC prosecutor wants to arrest Sudan’s Bashir

July-August 2008

Blackwater Worldwide
Iraq: U.S., Iraqi lawmakers question security pact
Cluster Munitions Treaty
Torture: Movement in Supreme Court, Congress

Peace and sustainable security

What brings true security?
A good neighbor in the global community
Seeking peace in the global neighborhood
Global Good Neighbor "test" for candidates
The Declaration of Peace

Arms control / proliferation

Congress terminates Reliable Replacement Warhead
Cluster bombs Should be banned
Arms control: Embargoes systematically

U.S. military programs / policies

Update on torture
SOA: Narrow margin maintains training program
Torture: Support "Restoring the Constitution Act"
Military Commissions Act of 2006
UN Committee Against Torture reviews U.S.
Torture: An unthinkable policy prescription


ICC deserves attention in presidential campaign
U.S. Supreme Court rules for detainee rights

Alternatives to violence

Loving our neighbors in a shrinking world
Sabbath: A reflection on right relationships
Sabbath: Rest for all of creation
Lent in the Sabbath year: Fasting from violence
MOGC core values, priorities for U.S. foreign policy
The Sabbath Year
Maryknoll prayer for peace and a healing of the wounds of war
Global Good Neighbor "test" for candidates
"Love your neighbor as yourself"
Shifting to inclusive human security

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