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Middle EastNewsNotes articles on the Middle East


July-August 2011

May-June 2011

March-April 2011

January-February 2011

Middle East: Time to condemn Israeli settlements

January-February 2010

Palestine: Kairos document published

November-December 2009

Middle East: Two states, no state

May-June 2009

Sudan: Israel airstrikes reported

March-April 2009

Afghanistan: Urgent policy change needed

January-February 2009

Middle East: Nobel winner, activist urge peace

November-December 2008

Iraq: Healing needed for effective rule of law

September-October 2008

Middle East: Ships breach blockade to reach Gaza

July-August 2008

Middle East: Closure restrains Gaza scholars
Iraq: U.S., Iraqi lawmakers question security pact

January-February 2008

Peace and sustainable security
Middle East: Annapolis follow-up needs good will

September-October 2007

Middle East: Arms sale risk democratic reform
Iraq: U.S. Catholics urge summit, economic aid
Iraq: Harsh daily struggle is often overlooked

July-August 2007

Ignorance of other nations is far from bliss
Iraq: Persecuted Christians appeal for help
Egypt: Elections hardly reflect a democracy

March-April 2007

Iraq: Advocates ask economic aid, better oversight
Iraq: U.S. invasion unleashed torrent of refugees

January-February 2007

Iraq: Is the Study Group Report too late?
Christian Peace witness for Iraq

November-December 2006

Middle East: Barrier squeezes West Bank farmers
Middle East:Jesuit envisions union of states

September-October 2006

Gaza Strip: Humanitarian disaster looms again
Middle East: No winners, only losers in conflict

May-June 2006

Iraq: Brzezinski calls U.S. "victory" unlikely
The Declaration of Peace

March-April 2006

Egypt: U.S. sends mixed signals on democracy

January-February 2006

Middle East: Pope becomes citizen of Bethlehem
Middle East: Olive Harvesters met with violence
Iraq: NETWORK urges U.S. constituent action

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