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Latin America MapNewsNotes articles on Latin America



July-August 2011

El Salvador: Responding to gangs
Chile: Protests denounce dam construction
Peru: Indigenous struggle for justice
Peru: Surprising presidential election results

May-June 2011

Honduras: Challenge human rights abuses
U.S.-Colombia FTA: Plan minimizes human, labor rights
Sustainability: The Buen Vivir network

March-April 2011

Wikileaks and Latin America, part 2
Brazil: Church's reflection on economy, ecology

January-February 2011

Latin America: Wikileaks revelations, part 1
Haiti: Compassionate, hope-filled connections
Nicaragua: Opinions vary widely on Sandinistas

November-December 2010

Honduras: Members of Congress urge action
U.S.-Mexico border: Migrants face grave dangers

September-October 2010

Bolivia: Difficulty renewing diplomatic ties
El Salvador: Mining lawsuit given green light
Ecuador: Trust fund to keep oil un-drilled

July-August 2010

Honduras: One year anniversary of coup
Guatemala: Is impunity beginning to end?

May-June 2010

Honduras: Efforts continue for new constitution
Brazil: River re-direction creates water market
Mexico-U.S. border: Shattered dreams, restoring hope

March-April 2010

Bolivia: Climate change conference in April
El Salvador: Mining conflict deepens
Honduras: “Truth commission” challenged
Haiti: Earthquake’s aftermath

January-February 2010

Chile: Indigenous continue to suffer
Bolivia: Morales reelected in landslide
Brazil: Maryknoll statement on economy

November-December 2009

El Salvador: Key verdicts for human rights upheld
Honduras: An uneasy accord
Mexico: Drug wars fuel violence

September-October 2009

July-August 2009

May-June 2009

Brazil: Domestic violence continues despite law
Haiti: U.S. administration pledges to relieve debt
Mexico: Drug related violence spirals near border

March-April 2009

El Salvador: Impending presidential election

January-February 2009

Venezuela: Democracy continues to thrive
Andean region: "Living well"
Ecuador: Default shows need for debt mechanism

November-December 2008

Brazil, Argentina drop the dollar
Brazil: Maryknollers' statement on ethanol
Peru: Maryknoll removed from Juli diocese

September-October 2008

Bolivia: Requests for extradition continue
Bolivia: Update on recall referendum
El Salvador: Gearing up for elections in 2009

July-August 2008

Latin America: Implications of INTERPOL report
Climate change crisis at U.S.-Mexico border
Bolivia: Constitutional process proves difficult

January-February 2008

Below the Radar: U.S. military programs with Latin America, 1997-2007
Latin America and the 2008 elections

November-December 2007

Costa Rica: Referendum on CAFTA
Bolivia: Effects of migration

September-October 2007

Panama: Noriega to be released from U.S. prison
Costa Rica: Referendum on CAFTA
Brazil: Plebiscites used for education, mobilization
Latin America: Will anti-terrorism laws grow?

July-August 2007

Guatemala: Protests continue against gold mine
Venezuela, Bolivia: Constitutional reform processes

May-June 2007

Brazil: Challenges to ethanol use
ILEA: A new SOA?
Haiti's debt: A matter of urgency
Bolivia: Groups organize to monitor mining
Bolivia: U.S. funding shapes policies
Nicaragua: Ortega begins second presidency

March-April 2007

Bolivia: Paradigm shifts for justice
Venezuela: Freedom of press or abuse of power?

January-February 2007

Brazil: Public debt continues to grow
Chile: Pinochet's influence fades
Mexico: Urge pressure for human rights in Oaxaca

November-December 2006

Haiti: Heartbreaking glimmers of goodness
Peru: Opposition to free trade agreement
Bolivia: Long-standing miners' protest grows
Venezuela: Battle for the Security Council
Guatemala: Breakthrough in Bámaca case
Haiti recently included in HIPC Initiative

September-October 2006

Haiti: Hope or no hope?
Peru: Camisea pipeline
No More CAFTAs pledge campaign
Brazil: Campaign fights privatization, corruption

July-August 2006

Mexico: Open letter to candidates
Guatemala: Violence against women
Haiti: Cancel debt without delay
Andean nations, EU proposed trade alliance
Latin America: Different kind of trade pact
Brazil: Assault vans fuel fear, provide immunity?
Peru: Garcia wins, but do the Peruvian people?

May-June 2006

Mexico: Report on systemic impunity
Nicaragua: U.S. offers to fund election primaries

March-April 2006

Latin America elections
Haiti: Next right step

January-February 2006

Voices from the South: Mexican farmers tour U.S.
Brazil: Assasins of Dorothy Stang found guilty
Venezuela: U.S. delays Posada's extradition
Haiti:Toward a just, peaceful, reconciled society
Bolivia: President-elect Morales

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