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NewsNotes articles on ecology


July-August 2011

Kenya: Drought, high prices lead to malnutrition
Africa: Water and water privatization
Africa: Food security, land use
Rio+20: Creating structures for sustainability
CSD 19: Sober learning for Rio+20

May-June 2011

Sustainability: The Buen Vivir network
Africa: Agricultural technology and food security
Harmony with nature: An invitation to fresh thinking
Ecology: American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut
Land grabbing undercuts food sovereignty

March-April 2011

Africa: Economics of agriculture, food security
Brazil: Church's reflection on economy, ecology
Philippines: Mining, logging halted
UN: 2011 International Year of Forests
UN Rio+20: Global environmental governance
Environment: Small wins to curb mining's damage

January-February 2011

Future strategies for sustainable living
UN Climate Change Conference: 50-50-50
Climate change: Hopeful efforts on forests

November-December 2010

U.S.: Mountaintop removal mining
Asia: Himalayan glaciers may melt away
Global Environmental Governance and New Narrative
Climate change: Taking steps to move forward
Congressional letter for Global Climate Fund
Climate: 10/10/10 Global Work Party
Food security: Global agriculture pledge drive

September-October 2010

El Salvador: Mining lawsuit given green light
Food security: Churches’ week of action
Food security: All our eggs in few baskets?
Climate change: Where do we go from here?
Ecology: International Year of Biodiversity
Sustainability: A blueprint for wisdom

July-August 2010

What the Gulf oil crisis can teach us
Tanzania: Mining company bullies NGO
Food security: Agriculture’s future in debate
Food security: U.S promotes “Feed the Future”
Climate change: “Dirty Air” act defeated
Climate change: CLEAR Act a clear winner
UN: Voices for sustainability

May-June 2010

Africa: Impact of climate change on pastoralists
Food security: Time to end agribusinesses’ power
Greening urban food deserts through local agriculture
Going one month without Monsanto

Take action on climate change
Climate change: Major gathering in Bolivia

March-April 2010

Bolivia: Climate change conference in April
El Salvador: Mining conflict deepens
Haiti: Earthquake’s aftermath
Climate debt, principles for adaptation finance
Catholic reflections on ecological responsibility

January-February 2010

Climate change: Inspirations, disappointments
Climate change: “Deal” but no seal in Denmark
Migration and climate justice
Better climate bill introduced in Congress

November-December 2009

From fear to a sustainable future
Kenya: Drought, famine worsen
Philippines: Bishop challenges mining company
Ecological economics, part six
U.S. climate legislation 2009
Global hunger and food security

September-October 2009

Africa builds united position for Copenhagen
Environment: Mining waste in Peru’s Puno region
Inching toward an International Climate Change Treaty
Special series: Ecological economics, part 5

July-August 2009

Where faith, ecology, global economy intersect
UN: “Seal the Deal” in Copenhagen
Special series: Ecological economics, part 4

May-June 2009

Special series: Ecological economics, part 3
Africa: Climate change and gender
Earth and the challenge of contemporary Christology
Philippines: Mining enriches few, impoverishes many

March-April 2009

Special series: Ecological economics, part 2
Climate change: The road to Copenhagen 2009
Toward an agricultural model that respects nature

January-February 2009

Special series: Ecological economics, part 1
Update on International Climate Change Treaty

September-October 2008

Unity necessary to de-contaminate Navajo land

July-August 2008

Climate change crisis at U.S.-Mexico border
UN: Time to kick the carbon habit
Climate change: Gore speaks at Bali conference
Global climate change and the environment
Nobel peace prize connects peace, care for earth
UN Millenium Assessment: Vatican responds
Corporate accountability: Lagging on climate change
Climate change: Impacts, vulnerability, responses
Water and the community of life
Water: Activists shift debate on privatization
"Oil aid" subsidizes international industry

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