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NewsNotes articles on economic justice

July-August 2011

May-June 2011

Economic justice: Learn more about the FSB
Debt: IMF gold sales should be used for relief

March-April 2011

Africa: Economics of agriculture, food security
Brazil: Church's reflection on economy, ecology
Trade: FTAs undermine financial reform efforts
U.S. budget: What are our priorities?

November-December 2010

Zimbabwe: Cancel the debt
Debt: Has the IMF really changed?

September-October 2010

Trade: “Free trade” agenda moves ahead
Proposed transaction taxes could bolster aid

May-June 2010

Free trade: Bill Clinton’s epiphany
Corporate accountability and water

March-April 2010

The budget as a moral document
Referendum on corporate personhood
Corporate accountability: Conflict minerals in DRC
Climate debt, principles for adaptation finance

January-February 2010

Brazil: Maryknoll statement on economy
Debt relief: Jubilee Act introduced
House financial reform bill full of loopholes

November-December 2009

Zimbabwe: Debt tribunal verdict
Corporations in the U.S., part six
Ecological economics, part six
Rein in commodity market speculation

September-October 2009

Free trade: Perspective from Peru’s Altiplano
Free trade: The problem with patents
Special series: Ecological economics, part 5
Corporations in U.S., part 5
Debt: Vulture funds legislation introduced

July-August 2009

Where faith, ecology, global economy intersect
Iraq: Refugees fall victim to weak world economy
Corporations in the U.S., part 4
Special series: Ecological economics, part 4
Market speculation: An update
New debt crisis on the horizon

May-June 2009

Haiti: U.S. administration pledges to relieve debt
Special series: Ecological economics, part 3
Special series: Corporations in U.S., part 3

March-April 2009

Global impact of financial crisis
Special series: Ecological economics, part 2
Special series: Corporations in the U.S., part 2
World Social Forum 2009

January-February 2009

Special series: Ecological economics, part 1
Special series: Corporations in the U.S., part 1

September-October 2008

Trade: Elements for fair, just policies
Trade: WTO talks collapse again

July-August 2008

Food crisis 2008
Speculation and world food prices


Time for a trade moratorium

Trade: U.S. policy needs re-fashioning

"Disaster capitalism:" Recovery by corporations

Trade: Policy space in trade agreements

SPP: "NAFTA Plus" takes shape

Trade: Flawed proposals to TRIPS Agreeement


On the way: From Kairos to Jubilee

Sabbath: Synergy of forces during the Jubilee

Debt: One Step Forward. How Many Back?

Debt: G7 must cancel illegitimate claims

World Social Forum 2007: Declaration on Debt

Jubilee South's position on conditionality

IDB cancels debt; financing details delayed

Definitions from Eurodad, the European Debt and Development Network

Norway cancels illegitimate debt

Debt cancellation: Still not there

Debt cancellation: Deadly delays


Corporate accountability: Anti-AIDS drug accessibility

Shareholders pressure corporations for greater environmental accountability


World Bank releases paper on odious debt

South America: Bank of the South opens

Corruption and illegitimate debt

Proposal for financing for development

Recent developments on IMF reforms

Corruption and illegimate debt

Proposal for financing for development

Recent developments on IMF reform

Trade: Sixth WTO ministerial in Hong Kong

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