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Asia Map NewsNotes articles on Asia


July-August 2011

Japan: Insecurity since March tsunami

May-June 2011

March-April 2011

Philippines: Mining, logging halted

January-February 2011

Asia: Human rights protection enacted
China: Looking beyond economics, politics

November-December 2010

Asia: Himalayan glaciers may melt away
Asia: Progress of Millennium Development Goals

September-October 2010

Cambodia: Efforts to ban cluster bombs

July-August 2010

Philippines: Hope, challenges of Aquino’s election

May-June 2010

Burma: Will nonviolence work?

March-April 2010

China: Size of Catholic population varies
Myanmar: Refugees still on the run
India: Christians march for peace
Philippines: Death squads and democracy
Philippines: Address the “structure of sin”

January-February 2010

November-December 2009

Philippines: Update on kidnapped priest
Philippines: Extrajudicial killings rise
Philippines: Bishop challenges mining company

September-October 2009

July-August 2009

May-June 2009

North Korea: Have we gone back to the future?
Philippines: Mining enriches few, impoverishes many
Papua: Returned nationalist calls for dialogue

March-April 2009

Myanmar: U.S. should consider dropping sanctions
Nepal: Unity is found wanting without king

January-February 2009

Asia: Financial crisis threatens deeper poverty
Burma: World leaders press UN to intervene
Indonesia: Obama should press for human rights

November-December 2008

China: Privatized state firms shortchange workers
Japan: Changes to constitution still possible

September-October 2008

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge leaders could be tried soon
East Timor: Bilateral report falls short of justice
Hong Kong: Olympics highlighted human rights abuses

July-August 2008

Nepal: Monarchy replaced with republic
China: Limits on news reporting being reimposed
Burma: Cyclone victims exploited, forcibly moved

May-June 2008

March-April 2008

January-February 2008

Asia/Middle East and the U.S. elections

November-December 2007

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Brother No. 2 arrested
Japan: PM could risk post over extending war aid
Nepal: Maoists demand early end to monarchy
Burma: Arrests follow peaceful demonstrations
U.S.-India nuclear plan remains unsettled

September-October 2007

South Korea: Crisis, opportunity precede elections
Nepal: Constituent Assembly to weigh monarchy
Japan: Voters scrutinize U.S. military alliance
East Timor: UN opts out of Truth Commission
East Timor: PM named after indecisive election
Cambodia: Tuol Sleng director headed for trial
Burma: New constitution, same old repression?

July-August 2007

Thailand: Would elections restore democracy?

May-June 2007

China: "One-child" policy risks social harmony
East Timor: Can election winners trump poverty?
Philippines: Military aid should be conditional
Japan: Amending Constitution spurs arms race
Thailand: Standoff over AIDS medication

March-April 2007

Thailand: Stubborn insurgency defies government
Australia: Church seeks justice for Aboriginals
South Korea: Free trade opponents fear job loss

January-February 2007

Nepal:Peace accord ends 10-year insurgency
Philippines: Missioners protest 700 killings
Korea: "Comfort women" seek justice from Japan
China: Mekong dams impact millions downstream
Hong Kong: Maryknoll addresses migrants' plight
Australia: Government drops tough asylum bill

November-December 2006

Thailand: Military coup repeats bad precedent
Cambodia: UN rep decries human rights abuses
Japan: Abe seeks more active role for military
Burma: Junta sends mixed signals on rights

September-October 2007

Cambodia: Time running out to try Khmer Rouge
Thailand:Cheap profits perpetuate child labor
Philippines: Hong Kong group challenges Arroyo
Japan: Article 9 of peace constitution at risk

July-August 2007

Thailand: Buddhist insights and U.S. politics
Nepal: Maoists, lawmakers reshape government
East Timor: Young nation suffers violence
Burma: Displaced people lack care, protection
Thailand: Buddhist insights and U.S. politics
Nepal: Maoists, lawmakers reshape government
East Timor: Young nation suffers violence
Burma: Displaced people lack care, protection

May-June 2006

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge trial could begin in '07
Philippines: Human rights violations increase
China: Poor law enforcement hurts migrant workers
Nepal: From monarchy toward democracy?

March-April 2006

Nepal: Elections seem unlikely to end fighting
Australia: Asylum seekers reflect Papua turmoil
China: Stone cutters risk lives to make jewelry
Philippines: Stronger logging ban is needed

January-February 2006

Burma: Illegal timber trade impoverishes country
North Korea: Refusing aid invites disaster
South Korea: Conscientious objectors face prison
China: U.S. bishops protest beating of nuns

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