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Africa map

NewsNotes articles on Africa 


July-August 2011

Kenya: Drought, high prices lead to malnutrition
Africa: Water and water privatization
Africa: Food security, land use
Sudan: Complex violence precedes independence
Zimbabwe: SADC's cautious push forward

May-June 2011

Africa: Agricultural technology and food security
Zimbabwe: Hard road to reform
Sudan: Problems still exist
Africa: Tension swirls around Nile water
DRC: Women's bodies as battlefields

March-April 2011

Egypt: Revolt in the land of the Pharaohs
Tanzania: Proposed road stirs controversy
Uganda: Faith leaders renew call for negotiations
Sudan: Post-referendum steps
Africa: Economics of agriculture, food security

January-February 2011

Kenya: Anti-trafficking law passed
Zimbabwe: Political crisis far from solved
Sudan: Listening to women’s voices

November-December 2010

South Africa: Protection of Information Bill
Zimbabwe: Cancel the debt
Sudan: Peace progresses
Uganda: Religious leaders advise U.S. foreign policy
DR Congo: Violence against women in war

September-October 2010

Kenya: Citizens approve new constitution
Zimbabwe: U.S. policy under review
Africa: Revisiting U.S. military expansion
Uganda: Pursuing peaceful means
Africa: New migrant rights’ group created

July-August 2010

Zimbabwe: Still struggling
Tanzania: Mining company bullies NGO
Africa: Priorities of the Obama administration
Sudan: At the crossroads

May-June 2010

Kenya: 50,000 threatened with eviction
Sudan: Elections aftermath
DRC: Conflict Minerals Trade Act of 2009
Africa: Impact of climate change on pastoralists

March-April 2010

Sudan: Post-referendum challenges
Zimbabwe: One year on, reform a failure
Africa: Illicit small arms market thrives

January-February 2010

Sudan: A Critical time
Namibia: President Pohamba reelected
Tanzania: Maasai face land loss, extinction
Africa: AFRICOM and U.S. policy
Zimbabwe: Termites in the ship of state

November-December 2009

Zimbabwe: Debt tribunal verdict
Sudan: A critical period
Kenya: Drought, famine worsen

May-June 2009

Zimbabwe: Slow next steps

Africa: Climate change and gender

Madagascar: Another military coup

Sudan: Israel airstrikes reported

March-April 2009

Kenya: Parliament rejects special tribunal

Uganda: Rebels wreak havoc in region

Zimbabwe: Cautious optimism for unity government

Sudan: International investing land grab

January-February 2009

Sudan: Fragile peace between North, South

Kenya: Commissions report on violence

DR Congo: Unmitigated tragedy

Zimbabwe: Tracking the descent


November-December 2008

Africa: Food security and neo-colonial scramble

Uganda: Rebels create havoc

Zimbabwe: Power sharing deal on rocky ground


September-October 2008

Kenya: Women organize after violence

East Africa: Pastoralists and climate change

Northern Uganda: Peace process stalled

Tanzania: Water lawsuit dissolves

Tanzania: Bomani mining committee issues report

Zimbabwe: Catholic Church, other groups speak out


July-August 2008

Zimbabwe: Prayers for transparency, solidarity

Sudan: Comprehensive Peace Agreement

N. Uganda: Still hope for peace?


May-June 2008

Zimbabwe: Elections and Painful Aftermath

Tanzania: Critical Research on Gold Mining

Sudan: Long Road to Peace

Kenya: Slow Steps Toward Healing, Reconciliation


March-April 2008

Africa: Women Make Progress Despite Obstacles

Bush visits Maryknoll Office in Tanzania


January-February 2008

Africa and the U.S. elections


November-December 2007

Africa: China, U.S. scramble for influence

Africa: Long term impact of World Bank investment

N. Uganda: Commitment to peace, reconciliation

Tanzania: Benefits from debt cancellation


September-October 2007

Tanzania: Refugee camps to close

Kenya: New ruling on death of John Kaiser

Kenya: Curbing small arms proliferation

Namibia: Russia offers nuclear energy aid

AFRICOM: Mixed response to U.S. military compound

Zimbabwe: Famine and manipulation of food aid


July-August 2007

Zimbabwe: "Injury in addition to insult"

Kenya: Responding to ethnic clashes

African churches oppose EPAs

China and the World Bank in Africa


May-June 2007

Zimbabwe: Expressions of solidarity

Darfur: A process too slow

Kenya: Catholic debt campaign takes action

Uganda: Peace talks resume

African Water Network

Africa: Global movement for food sovereignty

Africa: Significant challenges of urban poverty


March-April 2007

Sudan: No solution in sight for Darfur

Africa: Number of health care workers dwindles

Kenya: Small arms, light weapons fuel instability

Africa: U.S. plans military command center


January-February 2007

Zimbabwe: Living standards drop by 150 percent

African indigenous peoples on UN declaration

Africa: Staple food is now genetically modified




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