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September-October 2011

Vol. 35, No. 5


1) Conscience in War Resource Kit:This resource represents collaboration between the 50+ members of Christian Peace Witness (CPW) and the Truth Commission on Conscience and War (TCCW) as well as other allies working on the issues of Selective Conscientious Objection (SCO). Each of the sections in this document offers portals to action. This document, in its digital form, is also interactive so you can add materials for others which you find are of value. 10 chapters available for free, online at the CPW website.

2) Who killed economic growth? This video, available on YouTube, is a six and half minute presentation by Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow-in-Residence at Post Carbon Institute and best known as a leading educator on Peak Oil—the point at which we reach maximum global oil production—and the resulting, devastating impact it will have on our economic, food, and transportation systems.

3) The Better Life Index: This interactive online tool is designed to visualize and compare some of the key factors – like education, housing, environment, and so on – that contribute to well-being in the 34 nations that comprise the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). It allows you to see how countries perform according to the importance you give to each of 11 topics that make for a better life.

4) Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation distance-education program: Created by Duquesne University, in partnership with the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, this resource is available for those who minister to God's children in difficult social, economic, or environmental conditions. Those who work in this arena need access to the best resources available on practicing social analysis in ministry, resolving conflicts, establishing peace and justice, and respecting the integrity of creation. The purpose of the program is to equip ministers worldwide—members of religious communities, diocesan clergy, lay ministers, seminarians—with knowledge and tools to assist them in their ministry. Three courses are now available online; the fourth is expected to be ready by December 2011: JPIC 200 - Foundations of Theological Reflection, JPIC 210 - Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding 1, JPIC 220 - Economics and People, and JPIC 230 - Water, Environment, and Development (in preparation).

5) Annual SOAW vigil, Nov. 18-20:Graduates of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC, or the School of the Americas) continue to kill hundreds and displace thousands of Hondurans. Mexicans and immigrants passing through Mexico are the target of drug cartels and death squads like the "Zetas" - another product of SOA training. In the midst of the continuing war in Colombia, fueled by SOA violence, union killings touched 51 in 2010. Join the annual gathering at the gates of Ft. Benning, GA, home of the SOA/WHINSEC; thousands will voice their opposition to this school and learn more about the work for justice and peace. This year, with anti-immigration laws like HB87 in Georgia increasing state terror in immigrant communities, the SOA Watch Vigil will make the connections between the struggle against racist immigration laws and oppressive U.S. foreign policy in Latin America.

6) Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2012: Plan now to attend Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) in Washington, D.C., March 23-26, 2012. The theme is "Is THIS the Fast I Seek? Economy, Livelihood and Our National Priorities." Join other Christians in seeking a global economy and a national budget that break the yokes of injustice, poverty, hunger and unemployment throughout the world — heeding Isaiah's call to become "repairers of the breach and restorers of streets to live in"— during a weekend of workshops and information, followed by a visit to Capitol Hill on Monday, March 26.


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