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NewsNotes, January-February 2010

2010 African Proverbs Calendar: Download this year’s calendar or view and/or print out a particular month. The 2010 calendar’s theme is “Healing, health care and wellness,” with monthly themes such as “Planning ahead in health care,” “Healthy diet,” “Making healthy choices to prevent malaria,” “Compassionate healing,” “Simple lifestyle” and “Preventative medicine” that correspond to the proverb of that month along with African-themed photographs.

The Bartimaeus Institute (BI): BI holds mid-winter opportunities for pastoral leaders, activists and students for intensive study of scripture and social justice with Ched Myers and others in the beautiful coastal foothills of central California (Oak View). Two upcoming events for 2010: January 18-22: Ambassadors of reconciliation: A New Testament theology and diverse Christian practices of restorative justice and peacemaking; February 22-26: Ecojustice, Sabbath economics and Luke’s gospel, co-sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, commemorating the fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of Sister Dorothy Stang in Brazil. Registration for either event: Commuter fee $400; residential: $575 (double occupancy), $685 (single occupancy). Academic credit and limited scholarships are available. Space is limited to 30 per Institute. Register on website,, email or call 323-449-5170.

“Forced to Flee” and “The Gathering Storm”: IRIN Films has made several series of short films on a variety of subjects. “Forced to Flee” and “The Gathering Storm” are series on internal displacement and the human cost of climate change, respectively. Check these series (and additional ones on HIV/AIDS, violence and other topics) here.

School of the Americas Watch delegations in 2010:

EL SALVADOR, March 19-26: Commemorate the 30th anniversary of Oscar Romero’s assassination. Walk in the footsteps of martyrs such as the four churchwomen, the Jesuits of the UCA and others. Visit high level Salvadoran government officials to ask that El Salvador send no more soldiers to this school of assassins.

VENEZUELA, April 9-18: Commemorate the anniversary of a people’s victory in overturning a coup d’etat and learn about how the eight-member countries of ALBA are forging an exciting new economic model of cooperation and solidarity. Join Lisa Sullivan in getting a different view from within of this country where she has lived for 25 years. Meet with Colombians in exile in Venezuela and hear from them and from Venezuelans about their concerns for U.S. militarization along the Colombian border of Venezuela. Contact SOA Watch at 202-234-3440, or email

HONDURAS: Attention towards Honduras has diminished after U.S.-approved November elections legitimized the June coup, while assassinations of resistance members has increased. Leaders of the human rights community have requested a constant presence of international visitors to bring attention to this situation and help protect the lives of Hondurans. Activists are urged to join the Task Force on the Americas delegation to Honduras from March 13-20 (contact Dale Sorensen), a Quixote Center delegation (contact Jenny Atlee) or the January 24-31 Rights Action delegation (contact Grahame Russell).

COLOMBIA: With over 10,000 troops trained at the school, Colombia is the SOA’s largest customer and has the worst human rights record in Latin America. The 8th Day Center for Justice and Witness for Peace are organizing a delegation to Magdalena, Colombia from August 7-17. The delegation will focus on human rights, corporate abuse, military repression and internal displacement. Delegation participants will meet with community leaders, displaced persons, and human rights defenders. For more information, contact Erin Cox, 312-641-5151 or Ashley Valchek.

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