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Peace, Social Justice and Integrity of Creation

Border Women solidarity statement with undocumented migrants

March 2006

 Several Maryknoll missioners are among the women who signed the following statement.

We, the members of Border Women, an inter-faith group of women promoting social justice in the El Paso, Ciudad Juárez, Las Cruces border region, publicly announce the following:

  1. We stand in solidarity with the over 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. who are living in fear due to the growth of anti-immigrant sentiment, most clearly demonstrated in HR 4437.
  1. We stand in solidarity with Shanti Sellz and Daniel Strauss members of NO MORE DEATHS who are on trial in Arizona for having given aid to critically ill undocumented migrants.
  1. We stand in solidarity with Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and others who would be willing to defy civil law in favor of a higher law that focuses upon the basic human rights of immigrants.
  1. We strongly urge our legislators to work with care and sensitivity toward a humane reform of immigration laws that would address the effects of globalization that have endangered lives, families and cultures.
  1. Recognizing our nation’s common heritage as the descendants of immigrants, refugees and people in movement, we call upon our brothers and sisters in the U.S. to reflect upon their religious traditions or humanistic values and adopt positive attitudes toward our migrant brothers and sisters.

As so well said in the document “Strangers No Longer,” written by the U.S./Mexico Catholic bishops, “We stand with you, our migrant brothers and sisters and we will continue to advocate on your behalf for just and fair migration policies.” (#106)

Sr. Kathleen Judge, CSJ; Sr. Isabel Fierro, DC; Beatrice Costagliola, FMM; Nancy Hansen, SSSF; Ouisa Davis; Virginia Yribia; Anne Herman; Linda M. Derkacs; Anita Kay Ochsner; Rita A. Deckner; Maggie McCormick; Sr. Ida Berresheim, CSJ; Sr. Julie Cutter, DC; Rev. LoraKim Joyner; Rose Mary Valladolid; Mary Ann Fahey, CSJ; Sr. Elisa Rodriguez, SL; Sr. Barbara Jenkins, SC; Sr. Frances Hicks, SSSF; Judith L. Messal; Amy E Joyce; Jean Kelley, SL; Patricia Dunne; Susan Letendre; Maria Teresa Tellez; Sr. Bernadette Halbur; Sr. Helen Santamaria, SL; Mary Margaret Murphy, SL; Sharon McGuire, OP; Eva Marie Salas, SL; Judy Bourg, SSND; Josephine Lucker, MM; Diana Wauters, RA; Josefina Lopez, SSSF; Ma Isabel Galbera, RA; Anne Salaun ,RA; Joselita LaCoursiere, SSSF; Robin M. LaRouche; Linda S. Eggleston; Sr. Kathy Braun, SSSF; Sr. Kathleen Erickson, RSM; Sr. Betty Campbell, RSM; Delia Gomez; Donna Kustusch, OP; Sr. Maureen Jerkowski, SSSF; Linda Michon; Sr. Lorraine Beinkafner, MM


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