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UN Women: A global champion for change

“Women’s strength, industry and wisdom are humankind’s greatest untapped resource. The challenge is to show how this resource can be effectively tapped in ways that benefit all.” Michelle Bachelet, Under Secretary General-Executive Director, UN Women 

UN Women is the global champion for women and girls. Its 2010 establishment, applauded around the globe, offers a historic opportunity to jump-start progress for women and for societies. UN Women acts on the fundamental premise that women and girls worldwide have the right to live a life free of discrimination, violence and poverty, and that gender equality is central to achieving development.

New publication: Progress of the world's women, July 2011

Check out the daily news feed from UN Women, which covers the agency's activities and global outreach.

UN Women officially launched on February 24, 2011.

UN Women: First draft of strategic plan released, April 2011

UN Member States and women’s rights advocates joined together to create this entity. They recognized that making gender equality a reality in the lives of women and girls demanded an organization with worldwide reach, sizable expertise and significant resources. For too long, women have been forced to stand on the sidelines, whether the issue is political leadership, safety in conflict zones, protection from violence or access to public services.  Now women must come to the center as leaders, advocates and agents of change.

UN Women stand behind women’s equal participation in all aspects of life, focusing on five priority areas:

  • Increasing women’s leadership and participation;
  • Ending violence against women and girls;
  • Engaging women in all aspects of peace and security processes;
  • Enhancing women’s economic empowerment;
  • Making gender equality central to national development, planning and budgeting.

Bold action is essential – results are achievable.

Further resources:

When Women’s Day is a thing of the past, Elizabeth Dickinson interviews Michelle Bachelet, Foreign Policy magazine, March 8, 2011

Michelle Bachelet’s introductory statement at CSW55, February 22, 2011


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