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Don’t let the U.S. fund killing in Honduras

March 11, 2010

The following alert is from Witness for Peace:

The political assassinations in Honduras have not ended. In the four weeks since Porfirio Lobo took office, three members of the resistance movement have been killed, and the staff of Honduran human rights organizations are receiving death threats.

Yet, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on March 5 that she is restoring the U.S. aid to Honduras that had been frozen since the June 2009 coup removed the democratically-elected president from power. We cannot let this happen.

Please call the State Department today and ask them to immediately cancel all U.S. aid to Honduras. Tell the Obama administration we cannot support the silencing of peaceful voices in Central America. Click here for a sample script to make your call.

Hundreds of brave community leaders are standing up for their rights in Honduras, despite a systematic campaign of intimidation, arrests, and murders. It is clear that the U.S.-promoted elections and attempts to whitewash the coup have not ended the violence against them.

People of Honduras are calling on the international community to stand in solidarity with them against the grave abuses that continue despite Pepe Lobo’s election. Honduran exile César Silva told us, “Do not believe that [the crisis] is now over. Do not believe that now that there is a new government, our problems have ended. No.”  

Please let Hondurans know we hear their calls, and contact the State Department now.

P.S. Make sure the Obama administration knows we have not forgotten Honduras. Please take two minutes to call the State Department today.

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