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Maryknoll missioners join communities of faith and people of good will around the world in calling for the abolition of torture. Our faith is rooted in the absolute belief in the sacredness of each human life. We abhor the violation of life that torture represents.

As missioners we have seen the devastating physical, psychological, emotional and societal effects of torture in too many corners of the world. We have accompanied survivors of torture, among them members of our own communities.

We unequivocally reject the use of torture in any form and for any reason and have committed ourselves to continued advocacy nationally and internationally for an end to torture, to exposing the horrible reality of torture

Take action in June 2012 to end torture

Urgent: Call senators and urge opposition to torture amendment, November 29, 2011

NRCAT public policy update, Nov. 2009

Maryknoll missioners' statement on torture (pdf)

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