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Campaigns and organizations the MOGC supports to stop the war in Iraq

Christian Peace Witness for Iraq is an ecumenical, ad hoc group of partners who are called and committed to raising a Christian voice for peace. CPWI’s staff is volunteer (although often staff of partner peace organizations). CPWI hopes to witness to the power of God’s Spirit in bringing us together and enabling this work.

CODEPINK for Peace is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into healthcare, education and other life-affirming activities. CODEPINK rejects fear-based politics that justify violence, and instead calls for policies based on compassion, kindness and a commitment to international law. With an emphasis on joy and humor, CODEPINK women and men seek to activate, amplify and inspire a community of peacemakers through creative campaigns and a commitment to non-violence.

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) is the largest peace lobby in Washington, D.C. It advocates social and economic justice, peace and good government. FCNL emphasizes the importance of diplomacy, and it works toward internal reconciliation in Iraq, regional negotiations with Iraq's neighbors and a U.S. commitment to withdraw its troops by a specific date.

The Global Call for Nonviolent Civil Resistance at U.S. and British government installations around the world has been issued by Nobel peace and literature laureates along with peace and human-rights activists, religious leaders, and others. The signers, from 16 countries, “invite peace-makers throughout the world to participate in an international campaign of massive, nonviolent civil resistance to stop the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq. These actions could be organized to include both non-violent civil resistance and legal demonstrations.”

Pax Christi USA strives to create a world that reflects the Peace of Christ by exploring, articulating, and witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence. This work begins in personal life and extends to communities of reflection and action to transform structures of society. Pax Christi USA rejects war, preparations for war, and every form of violence and domination. It advocates primacy of conscience, economic and social justice, and respect for creation. Pax Christi USA commits itself to peace education and, with the help of its bishop members, promotes the gospel imperative of peacemaking as a priority in the Catholic Church in the United States. Through the efforts of all its members and in cooperation with other groups, Pax Christi USA works toward a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Peace Action organizes its grassroots network in 30 states to advance peace legislation in Congress. Peace Action believes that war is not a suitable response to conflict, that every person has the right to live without the threat from nuclear weapons, and that the United States has the resources to both protect and provide for its citizens.

United for Peace and Justice is a coalition of more than 1,300 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined together to protest the immoral and disastrous Iraq war and oppose the U.S. government’s policy of permanent warfare and empire-building.

Voices for Creative Nonviolence, through actions such as fasts and nonviolent civil disobedience, works to end funding for the war in Iraq. Out of respect for the Arabic-speaking families and communities it serves, Voices makes Arabic language study a central component of its work. Besides working in Iraq, Voices also assists Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria.

Win Without War is a coalition of national organizations representing broad constituencies which advocate that international cooperation and enforceable international law provide the greatest security for the United States and the world. The coalition offers a mainstream, patriotic voice for engaging opinion makers, activating concerned citizens, and communicating effectively to the media.

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