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Toward a trade policy that works for the people:

A Call for a Moratorium on Free Trade Agreements

The following petition is sponsored by our colleagues at Global Exchange.

“U.S. trade policy is not working for the majority of Americans.

“Free trade agreements forged in the NAFTA mold have not brought about a general increase in standards of living at home or within partner countries, and have contributed to the loss of U.S. jobs, eroding labor standards, a burgeoning trade deficit, and worsened inequality.

“Despite mounting evidence of negative impacts and a call from the U.S. public to rethink trade policy, the Bush administration has refused to modify the NAFTA model of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). It has now submitted four new FTAs to Congress and is asking for renewal of "fast track", or trade promotion authority, to continue to push ahead with this seriously flawed policy.

“It's time to change course in our trade policy. We are joining together to call for a fundamental first step: Congress should declare an immediate moratorium on new free trade agreements. …”


Click here to read more and to sign the petition


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