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Faith Economy Ecology (FEE)

Understanding the ways in which climate change has made us all aware of the limits of our planet’s natural resources, the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns has started a “Faith-Economy-Ecology” project in order to understand the various ways in which faith, ecology and the global economy intersect.

Below are resources and reflections that will help individuals and communities learn more about the connections between care of the Earth and all its life forms, the global economy and our faith.

Communities of faith are invited to sign this new statement, "A call to integrate faith, ecology and the global economy." Click on the graphic on the right to go to the document; this link takes you to the website of the Faith-Economy-Ecology coalition.
Call to integrate statement

Take action: Send postcards to Obama, Clinton in preparation for Rio+20

Reports from Copenhagen and the 2009 climate change conference

Check out the Affording Hope Project, a creative performance piece that incorporates storytelling, song, poetry, prayer, movement and film into a theologically based presentation for a new economic paradigm that promotes human well-being and ecological health. Available for church, community and school audiences.

The Seal the Deal campaign raised public awareness about climate change and the Copenhagen negotiations.

Faith-Economy-Ecology bibliography -- books, websites, and articles on eco-theology and environmental justice, peak oil and resource depletion, climate change, corporate power and alternatives, and the economy of the future.

"Enough for All” Sermon based on John 4:5-42, given at Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2009 by Rev. John McCullough, executive director and CEO of Church World Service

Graphics, videos, etc

  • "The Story of Stuff"
  • Click here to see an impressive graph by the Global Footprint Network illustrating the challenges of sustainable development and our ecological footprint.


Forum on Faith, Economy and Ecology:
Moving beyond growth to a sustainable Earth community
Held May 2-3, 2009

Ched Myers' presentation “Pay Attention to the Great Economy!”
Reflections on Luke 12:13-34, Earth Cosmology and Sabbath Economics (PDF)
Available for small group sharing; not available for publication or citation at this time.

Videos from the Forum on YouTube:

The Ends of Capitalism and the Ends of Creatures: Finance, Freedom and Festival – Presentation via teleconference by Prof. Michael Northcott, University of Edinburgh, Scottland

PowerPoint presentations from the Forum:









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